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New Roof

New roof is a dream come true for many property owners as it is a costly project. New construction projects set up the new roofs by designing the roof and installing the material. Typical lifetime of a roof is twenty to thirty years depending up on the weather patterns in the area.

During the lifetime of a roof, most property owners opt for roof repair and reroofing instead of tearing off existing roof. This may prove costly as it may not always fix the underlying moisture issues of the roof. New roofs are also tedious to install due to the other roofing components such as the vents and flashings.

New shingles

New roofs are favorable before selling a property as they instantly increase the resale value by twenty five percent. Beautiful curb appeal is possible by the new roofs in addition to the building protection.

Saving a building from harsh elements such as ice, snow, rain, high winds, animals, and hail is the key purpose of a new roof. For certain properties, new roofs are impossible without replacing the related components and equipment.

1 888 New Roof

Modern shingles, eave protection, and synthetic underlayment can result in a robust new roofing system. Shingles for the new roofs are available in modern colors to match customer's preferences.

Manufacturer warranties on the new roofs can be extended up to thirty years if they are installed by a certified contractor. New roofs are recommended even for historic properties to increase the stability.


New Roof Installation

New roof installation is done by taking the measurements and plans of the building. Aerial measurements tend to be more accurate and cost-effective when compared to the manual measurement. Roof surface area is measured in squares (100 square feet = 1 square). Shingles are shipped in bundles and typically three bundles are needed to cover a square of the roof. Thus, roofing contractors order the bundles depending on the squares of a property's roof. Special shingles with wider nailing areas are ordered for commercial roofing.

For a new construction property, the rafters and the sheathing are prebuilt at the supplier location. They are transported to the property in large trucks. The underlayment, insulation, shingles, and other components are installed by nailing. Adhesive material may also be used for other components. Large cranes may be necessary to supply the material to the roof top. Labor and material are planned well ahead of the installation.

For installing new roofs on an existing property, the first step is to tear off the existing shingles. Inspection is necessary to check if the sheathing has not suffered major damage from roof leaks and algae growth. Any existing components on the roof such as vents and so on are also inspected for future use. New shingles are applied on top of the sheathing to give a complete new look to the building.

New Roof Installation Roofer

Roofers install new roofs by following the manufacturer guidelines and building codes. Weather plays a crucial role for new roof installation. Maximum care is taken to install the new roof in a quick and efficient manner to prevent any loss of material. Cleaning up the nails on the roof and around the property is done at the end. Any debris or waste is taken care at this time.

Roof installation requires planning, material, and crew which is possible only by roofing experts. Some property owners opt for do-it-yourself roofing, which may often lead to improper installation or injuries and hence is not recommended.


Maintaining the new roof is crucial to extend its life. Frequent maintenance keeps the new roof updated and perform as expected.

New Roof Maintenance

Monitoring the new roof for any roof leaks, interior water marks, ice damming, and so on is required. Fall and spring cleaning is recommended to clear the roof off any debris or leaves.

Hail tends to damage the new roofs by creating dents and chipping off the shingles. Hail damaged roofs deteriorate at a faster rate and must be replaced.

Missing shingles have to replaced after a storm and high damaging winds. New roof shingles also are prone to granule loss over a period of time. Other roof components such as the vents, attic insulation, gutter, and downspouts have to maintained for optimal new roof performance.

Roofing Contractor

Olde Town Roofing


Olde Town Roofing are expert roofing contractors in the MidWest who have installed hundreds of new roofs. The family owned business is led by Sean Vogler and are licensed, insured, and bonded in multiple states.

As a certified contractor from IKO and CertainTeed, Olde Town Roofing are able to install the new roofs with extended warranties. Their products and services are preferred by many customers.

They perform roof inspection and set up the new roof without disturbing the existing structures. If you are planning for a new construction, Olde Town Roofing can set up the new roof for you. If you have installed a new roof, you can contact Olde Town Roofing for their roof maintenance packages.

New roof pricing and services from Olde Town Roofing are competitive in the area. Call 309-738-5550 for new roof inspection and estimates.